Inna Paiva





Research Interests

Research activity about the implementation of International Accounting Standards, Accounting Information Quality and Corporate Governance.


Degree in Accounting, Taxation and Auditing from the Universidade Estatal de Economia, of Odessa. Masters in Accounting from the Universidade do Algarve. PhD degree in Accounting from the Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (ISCTE-IUL). She is the Director of the Accounting, Taxation and Auditing Department and the Master in Accounting and Taxation of the ULHT since 2013. She teaches at the Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (ISCTE-IUL) since 2014.

Main Publications

  • Paiva, I., Lourenço, I & Branco, M.C. (2016). Earnings management in family firms: Current state of knowledge and opportunities for future research. Review of Accounting and Finance, 15(1), 85-100.
  • Paiva, I. & Lourenço, I. (2016). Determinants of earnings management in the hotel industry: an international perspective, Corporate Ownership and Control Journal, n.º 14, 449-457.
  • Paiva, I. Reis, P. & Lourenço. (2016). Research in hospitality management and accounting: a research synthesis and analysis of current literature and future challenges. Problems and Perspectives in Management, n.º 14 (4), 83-91.
  • Paiva, I. (2016). The financial development of Portuguese entrepreneurial businesses. In L. Carvalho (eds.), Handbook of Research on Entrepreneurial Success and its Impact on Regional Development (pp.1-20). Hershey: IGI International Edition.
  • Paiva, I. & Lourenço, I. (2015). R&D Activities in Family Firms. In L. Carvalho (eds.), Handbook of Research on Internationalization of Entrepreneurial Innovation in the Global Economy (pp.330-351). Hershey: IGI International Edition.

Main Research Projects

  • EARNINGS MANAGEMENT IN FAMILY FIRMS. Projeto de Doutoramento (2008-2013).
  • PROJETO DOBRE SUSTENTABILIDADE E REGULAÇÃO SOCIAL DA RIQUEZA NUMA SOCIEDADE DE CONHECIMENTO. Projeto de investigação no âmbito do CPES. Investigadores: Inna Paiva, Artur Pareira, Ana Lorga (em curso)
  • PROJETO SOBRE DESENVOLVIMENTO LOCAL E ECONOMIA SOLIDÁRIA. Investigadores: Inna Paiva (CPES), Luísa Carvalho (Universidade Aberta), Cecília Berner (Universidade Lusófona), (em curso).
  • PROJETO SOBRE EMPREENDEDORISMO E ECONOMIA DIGITAL. Investigadores: Inna Paiva (CPES), Sofia Teixeira (Universidade Lusófona), (em curso).