Carlos Carranca




Research Interests

Current interests are in the areas of Language, Portuguese and Iberian Cultures.


PhD Degree in Portuguese Language and Culture, Bachelor of History, he is an Assistant Professor at the Lusófona University, professor at the Almeida Garrett Higher Education School and at the Cascais Theater Professional School.
He was President of the board of the Portuguese Language Society, from 1998 to 2001; founder and member of the board of directors of the Círculo Cultural Miguel Torga; founding partner of the Sociedade Africanológica de Língua Portuguesa; founding partner of the Círculo Cultural Miguel Torga; member of the Portuguese Writers Association; deputy director of the newspaper Artes e Letras and cultural consultant of the Association of Former Students of Coimbra in Lisbon.
At ULHT, he was founder and coordinator of the scientific-literary collection “Meia Hora de Leitura”, in partnership with Victor de Sá and Manuel Antunes. From 1994-1999 he was responsible for the “Noite das Artes” – closing show of the Conference on Education and Culture of the Municipality of Cascais. As a promoter of Portuguese poetry, poet and essayist, “Poesia para Todos” stands out for three consecutive years on stage in the auditorium of the IPDJ, from 1999 to 2002.
He is the Director of the Centro de Estudos da Lusofonia Agostinho da Silva and the Miguel de Unamuno Iberian Studies Office, at the Lusofona University.


Main Publications

  • Carranca, C. (2015). Da Ibérica. Figueira da Foz: Ed. Talentilicius.
  • Carranca, C. (2015). Unamuno e Torga, poetas da Ibéria. Figueira da Foz: Ed. Talentilicius.
  • Carranca, C. (2014). O(s) Rosto(s) da Europa: a Ideia da Europa no Diário XVI de Miguel Torga. RUA-L: Revista da Universidade de Aveiro, 1 (2.ª série), 31-38.
  • Carranca, C. (2014a). Da importância jurídica do sentimento Quid Juris (posfácio). In P. F. Cunha, Desvendar o Direito: Iniciação ao saber jurídico (pp. 229-231). Lisboa: Sociedade Editorial.
  • Carranca, C. (2012). O Casticismo em Unamuno e Torga. Coimbra: Ed. Minerva.