The CPES – Center for Social Studies and Research (Centro de Pesquisa e Estudos Sociais) is a UI&D of Lusophone University of Humanities and Technologies of Lisbon, supported by FCT (Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology). At the present, we count with 44 researchers, 23integrated members; 11 Associated and 10 PhD Students. The Center also have 10internationalinvited collaborators and 17 MsD Students.

Created in 2008 by researchers of scientific areas of the FCSEA (Faculty of Social Science, Education and Management), namely, Sociology, Social Work. In 2013, researchers from the field of Economics and Business Management of the ECEO (School of Economics Sciences and Organizations) became members, and, in 2016, ISS (Institute for the Social Work) researchers joined CPES, highlighting out multidisciplinary approach.

CPES promotes interdisciplinary research, mainly focusing on contemporary issues regarding the globalization process, specially within Portuguese Language countries. There is also the quest to contribute to sustainable solutions to help the integrated development.

CPES research are divided among 3 research groups (RGs): 1) Diversity, Identities and Development; 2) Innovation, Sustainability and Management; and 3) Social Policies and Social Work Interventions.

In order to reinforce the interdisciplinary research between the various scientific areas of the CPES, the Research Programme “Social and Economic Impacts of Time Management in Professional and Leisure Practices in the Context of Globalization of Contemporary Societies” is underway.

CPES foster partnerships with private and public institutions, based on national territory or overseas. The UI&D CPES also hosts Postdoc students and researchers from different countries, especially Portuguese speaking countries. In order to contribute to the scientific production, CPES edits the Review of Studies & Social Practices, published online, twice a year.

Our Board

Board Council

Ana Lorga da Silva | Director

Manuel Antunes | Assistant director

Teotónio de Souza | Assistant director

Carlos Eduardo Capelo | Deputy

Francisco Carvalho | Deputy

Researcher’s Assembly

José Fialho | President

Eduardo Figueira | Vice-president

Vítor Rosa | Secretary